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Hello, I’m Angie.

I found myself in clown school quite by accident in 2000, and fell in love with it. After exploring and experiencing many approaches to clowning, I decided in 2006-2008 to train with Nose to Nose to become a clown facilitator. I also continue to go to lots of clown workshops just because I love the experience!

I used to be a staff nurse and briefly a Steiner teacher before adopting my 3 gorgeous children. I have a degree in politics and sociology. All of which come together for me in clowning, because clowning is an intense appreciation of what it is to be human.

Clowning is my passion and my home – the lens through which I see the beauty and the ridiculous in my own life and in the world around me. My real interest in clowning is only really to do with love, which in essence I see as the freedom to be ourselves, which turns out to be funny and beautiful, or not at all funny but still beautiful.

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I’m based near Scarborough, Yorkshire, UK.

You can call me on (+44) (0)1723 336 384.

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