Come as you are!

I offer a warm and friendly space where everyone’s unique clown within is invited to play, dance / move and have some fun. Workshops have up to 12 participants, but no more, so that everyone has enough time. We do fun warm ups and exercises before moving into short guided improvisations, where we get to see your clown.

There comes a time when you forget who you thought you were supposed to be! You find yourself free precisely because you’re not ready, and you don’t know. And in that moment of vulnerability and confusion you can find yourself having a great time! Also when you don’t need to be funny, you end up being funny, though it’s not a requirement of any clown. Clowns are showing us how they experience the world through their naivety, playfulness and openness to whatever comes. There are lots of expressions of this journey that we can share and delight in. I have no more idea than you how your clown will show up, we discover together, and that’s how it needs to be! And the next time it will be different again.

 Finding your clown can bring surprises and even deep learning about yourself, though it’s not therapy, and I’m not a therapist, it is somehow therapeutic! There is time given after each improvisation to listen to your clowning experience and how you as person felt in it. I affirm all your clowning moments and am alongside you in anything else!

My own personal gratitude to the clowns is that in their eyes we are all already marvellous, and from years in this work I absolutely know this to be true, as a clown, as a facilitator and as Angie; and it’s why I can’t wait to meet you.