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Suffolk, 22-30 July 2023

I will be a contributor at Dance Camp East 2023.

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CLOWNING JUST FOR FUN – wellness and happiness at work

Clowning can support wellness and positive mental health both at the individual level and through creating a healthy working culture.  

At the individual level we can learn to be more courageous and we can find a new sense of freedom. Unlearning what we’ve been told to be, we start to connect to the person we really were all along. 

At the level of the team and the organisation we learn to celebrate people’s uniqueness; find hidden strengths and qualities in each other; and in those ways support each other’s freedom , happiness and wellness. 

Ongoing weekly or fortnightly sessions.


“If you want creative workers give them enough time to play.” John Cleese. 

Clowning really works when we say Yes to any idea that emerges, without judgements and without one clown having more status than another. (Sometimes one clown will pretend to have more status, and that’s a great game!). Setting aside our everyday identities we begin to see each other as much deeper, broader, more creative people than we normally get to see  – or than we may believe ourselves to be. We may find a new respect, perhaps even a new affection for each other. It certainly beats another night at the bowling alley. 

 Offering a 3 hour session, or a whole day.


Where a person from each team meets in the (board)room of play.

Meeting in an atmosphere of curiosity and wonder without an agenda we see what courageous fun we can create together, and consider what we’ve come away with in terms of new ways of knowing.

 A day long workshop.


If clowning is an emotional skydive into the unknown the parachute is our clown within and our clown friends. 

A liberating and exhilarating time to experience your creative options, filled with lightness and laughter! 

A day long workshop, or a weekend.


On the stage of unknowing more is known. There’s nothing that can be explained here ahead of time, because its an experience of letting go! It’s about  liberating a truly fun and creative space, where fears are transformed to trust and limitless possibilities.

A weekend residential workshop