People said…

Here are some things people have said about my courses:

Meeting you and being immersed in your class was a very unexpected pleasure. It’s totally changed my perception of clowning and I now feel it’s an important but overlooked aspect of life. I think this practice could offer a broad range of mental, emotional and health benefits for many people. I strongly believe that people should clown around, if only to notice and become more grateful for the smaller things in life. This is because the potential for happiness is more abundant in the present. It is the most powerful position to be in. I can see how offering playful options to an otherwise destructive or negative emotional self can be very liberating and invoke better, more positive outcomes. So – I think your class is amazing and I’m buzzing about it.

I think your teaching is a perfect blend of articulation, professionalism and wacky energy. It allows a safe and grounded space in which people can let go of themselves. There was real change and challenges amongst the other students in the classes, it was fascinating to watch.

Chris, workshop participant 2021

Angie’s clowning classes were great fun, so far removed from my expectations of what clowning is about! I love that actually it’s not about big gestures but about revealing ones authenticity and the hilarity that can come from that exploring that place with curiosity.

Stephen, workshop participant 2021

I couldn’t stop smiling for days after the session. My cheeks ached! It made me feel free to be me and not apologise for it. Thanks Angie!

Workshop participant 2021

It was amazing to see everyone come together and be comfortable doing the activities. We felt like we had this connection afterwards that wasn’t there previously, a shared experience.

Workshop participant 2021

Angie was amazing at understanding the needs of the group, and knowing when to push different ideas and adapt her course to fit those in the room.

Workshop participant 2021